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Turespaña supports LGBTIQ+ as Pride celebrations are reactivated

27 July, 2022

The Spanish Tourism Institute (Turespaña) has signed a sponsorship agreement with MADO Madrid Pride 2022 with the goal of promoting Spain’s international image as an open tourist destination which offers a huge range of leisure, culture, cuisine and commerce for tourists from the LGBTIQ+ community.

“Thanks to its Pride celebrations, Madrid is one of the destinations that most stands out in this sector. We consider it important to promote leadership with events that draw international attention, and MADO Madrid Pride is one of them” said General Director of Turespaña, Miguel Sanz."The diversity of Spanish society is an important asset for our tourism industry and that is why it is gaining more and more strength," he added.

This sponsorship deal combined with the recently signed agreement to feature the LGBTIQ+ accommodation program on the Booking.com website, Turespaña is enhancing its strategy of increasing the international visibility of Spanish destinations, putting further emphasis on issues and experiences which may be of more interest to the community.

The last presential edition of MADO Madrid Pride held in 2019 attracted more than 1.5 million attendees. Of these, 36.4% were international visitors, mainly comprised of American, British, Argentinian, Italian and French tourists, which confirms the importance of Madrid Pride as a favourite LGBTIQ+ event among tourists from other countries.

According to the Gay Travel Index, Spain ranks 2nd in the world ranking of safe destinations for this sector, along with Malta and Portugal, only after Canada, which obtained a score of 13, and the country is the second LGBTIQ+ destination globally after the United States.