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Travelers to Spain increasing their demand for sustainable hotels

27 July, 2022

Sustainability is proving to be a key consideration for travellers to Spain, and is becoming an increasingly deciding factor when choosing the country they are going to spend their holiday in. The data speaks for itself: 91% of travellers consider sustainable travel to be essential.

When it comes to deciding on a hotel, 60% mention that it bothers them if their selected accommodation doesn’t allow them to be sustainable. Meanwhile, 56% agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has awakened their desire to travel in a more sustainable way, according to data published by the Roiback booking engine.

This company has entered into a partnership agreement with Bioscore that makes it easier for its hotel guests to rate themselves on issues of sustainability. This will give them the opportunity to create plans and certify the progress made.

Thanks to this partnership, "we can offer our clients the most advanced tools to help hotels set up and implement environmental and social responsibility practices adapted to their establishment and destination, and position themselves in a market that increasingly demands sustainable and responsible hotels and accommodation”, commented Roiback’s Product Innovation Director, Leonardo Llorente.