22.05.2024 | 04:08

Electric buses for cruise ship stopovers in Barcelona

10 August, 2022

MSC Cruises have been using electric buses for excursions and shore services during its calls at Barcelona since the beginning of July. The measure represents a significant reduction in the company’s environmental impact in one of the main local ports it operates.

Each bus makes around 20 to 25 round trips every day, adding up to an estimated annual saving of 10,315kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, compared to normal fuel buses. In addition to the emissions savings, these vehicles also reduce noise pollution in the environment, which is of concern in urban environments.

These buses will be available to cruise passengers arriving on all cruise ships calling at Barcelona from now on. Each bus will be able to carry 48 passengers, meaning that an estimated total of around 1,500 cruise passengers will ride electric buses each week.

MSC Cruises is also working to expand its sustainable transport fleet, which will include hybrid buses capable of carrying up to 3,000 passengers. This is a further step forward in the company’s sustainability strategy, which prioritises the gradual transition to net zero emissions in its business, as part of its Agenda 2050.