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English tourists are the biggest food wasters

24 August, 2022

In Spain, the tourism industry and the authorities have set out to combat food waste, and in order to do so it is first necessary to identify the problem. For this purpose, Spain's Hotel Technological Institute (ITH) carried out a survey, and the results point directly to the evening buffet.

More specifically, 43% of those surveyed were of the opinion that the greatest food wastage occurs during the dinner service, and with regard to the analysis of the food on offer, 77% thought that most food is wasted in the buffet service, mainly food that has been handled, such as salads, hot and cold starters, sauces and prepared main courses. Bread, pasta, cakes, pastries and desserts come in second place.

With regard to customers, 61% of staff responding to the survey believe that the amount of food wastage varies according to nationality or type of clientele, with families with children (79%) and the English (44%) being the biggest food wasters.

In this regard, 89% of employees state that they are aware of the importance of reducing food waste for their hotel and 67% have set out tasks in relation to this process. Moreover, although 50% of the employees involved in this process do not have any measurement and data collection system in place, 28% claim to monitor tray change and waste after service.

The study analysed the "Food Waste Process (PFW)" of the hotel with the aim of improving it through the application of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and digital tools available on the market, as well as to consider the feasibility of implementing a project to provide hotels with the necessary technological tools and processes to guarantee a progressive reduction of food waste, a distribution of any surplus to local social entities, and a correct recycling and composting.