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National Geographic collaborates with Turespaña in a new campaign

31 August, 2022

The Spanish Tourism Board (Turespaña) launches 'Legends of Spain', a new international campaign on National Geographic's media platforms, featuring exquisite content, produced by National Geographic CreativeWorks. It showcases Asturias, the Basque Country and central Spain through its myths, legends and Spain's immense folklore.

'Legends of Spain' is bringing the following to a global audience: the seafaring legends of the mermaids of the Basque Country, the myth of the giant winged serpent of Asturias (the "Cuélebre") and the stories of the "Land of the Giants" of Castilla-La Mancha that inspired Cervantes' Don Quixote.

This campaign is part of Turespaña's branded-content strategy of partnering with the world's largest and most important publishing brands and content producers, with the aim of generating the most inspiring content, told by the world's best storytellers, for the most valuable global audiences for Spain.

The campaign, consisting of 3 articles, 3 videos and a photo gallery, targets the main European markets and North America. It will appear in the worldwide edition of National Geographic magazine and on the National Geographic website.

In addition, the content will be further promoted on National Geographic's social networks, which has more than 230 million followers on Instagram alone, as well as on Turespaña's and its partners' social networks.

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