25.02.2024 | 09:38

Spanish hotels trial biometric facial check-in

31 August, 2022

The Hotel Technological Institute (ITH) is carrying out the 'Feasibility Study for the Implementation and Use of Biometrics in Hotel Operational Processes', within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the Spanish Government's Innovative Business Groupings Support Programme.

Initially, the needs, uncertainties, expectations, etc., of the implementation of biometrics in tourist accommodation will be identified and analysed with experts from the hotel sector with different backgrounds. The second phase is a pilot project to evaluate the implementation and use of this technology in these types of establishments.

Within the framework of the study, ITH is developing a pilot project to analyse the viability of this technology in the ApartoSuites Jardines de Sabatini establishment in Madrid, where a project presentation day was held this summer.

The biometric facial check-in process and staff access through this technology is being carried out with the help of the company Face2Travel, which, in addition to evaluating and testing its functionalities, collects data and analyses the impact that biometrics is having on the establishment's processes.