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5 surprising post-pandemic changes in British tourists

30 September, 2022

The key factors which define the new post-pandemic tourist involve understanding that these are travellers who are very aware of two issues: the effects of inflation and that there is still a risk of being infected by coronavirus. The digital marketing agency TravelBoom has presented a study which addresses its trends for the coming months.

  1. Risk of cancellation: Over a third of those surveyed have recognised that they may have to cancel their holiday plans. The main causes which are affecting travel reservations are budget issues (53%), the rise in transport costs (48%) and accommodation (45%).
  2. They look online more: Travellers are carrying out more in-depth research online and further investigating the options available to them. On average, they visit 5.5 websites during the holiday planning and booking process, which typically includes a search engine, a metasearch engine, OTA, review page and the hotel website.
  3. They are more sensitive to the price: This year, 46.3% of those surveyed listed the price as the first criterion when planning their holidays, compared to 37.9% who mentioned it in 2019. As well as the actual stay itself, the transportation costs, available services and loyalty programmes can influence the traveller’s choice.
  4. COVID-19 is still a concern: 55% of international tourists surveyed still consider the risks of COVID-19 before booking their trip.
  5. They read the reviews: The report has also revealed that 82% of travellers would not book their stay in an establishment without first consulting the comments of other clients. “Reviews and comments on social networks are key in holiday reservations”, according to the study.