13.07.2024 | 08:20

Which district of Madrid will become its new “Chinatown?”

26 October, 2022

Madrid's Chinatown will be in the Usera district, hand in hand with Madrid City Council, which seeks to take advantage of the significant number of neighbours of that nationality residing in the neighbourhood and the high flow of visitors who are attracted by the commerce, the Chinese cuisine or culture.

Usera “wants to be a point of cultural interest for visitors, taking advantage of the reality of its multiculturalism and the presence of the largest Chinese community in Spain with more than 10,000 people of that nationality”, as explained by the municipality.

With the new Chinatown project, coexistence with a community of great cultural wealth is valued, the area is revitalised and a peripheral district is connected with one of the most consolidated parts of the city from the tourist point of view, such as Matadero and Madrid Rio.