22.02.2024 | 12:05

The new sustainable Spanish tourism model in 8 steps

9 November, 2022

The Spanish Council of Tourism (Conestur) to which Turespaña belongs, has approved the “eight levers on which works will occur to illuminate a new model of tourism”. Amongst the 8 axes of the 2030 Sustainable Tourism Strategy, the drive for digitalisation stands out in first place, aimed at cost saving, data economy, better promotion and sales and competitivity.

Secondly, social sustainability, which affects the development of specific actions to promote the conservation of natural environments, customs and the local traditional life model; thirdly, environmental sustainability, which aims to reduce the sector’s ecological footprint; fourthly, another of the major transformation axes revolves around improving connectivity, intermodality and tourist mobility to improve the visitor’s experience while responding to environmental challenges.

Fifthly, the innovation of experiences and products; sixthly, the recruitment, training and retention of talent to enhance the human factor as a key element of the tourist experience; and finally, the adaptation of differentiated tourist destinations (mature, consolidated and emerging destinations), to plan and manage more effectively all their different needs.