25.02.2024 | 10:52

New air routes between La Palma and the UK

16 November, 2022

The Government of the Canary Islands is encouraging the creation of 18 new international air routes with the island of La Palma, which a year ago suffered a major volcanic eruption which affected tourism. Each newly created route will receive financial aid and the sales of the routes will be reinforced by carrying out marketing campaigns in the affected destinations.

“We have prioritised for them to be routes with capitals of countries that are not already operational on the islands, which belong to the main outbound markets and which have also already been connected to La Palma in the past”, the authorities explained. In addition, Turismo de Canarias has opted for routes with major cities in the United Kingdom and Germany.

The connectivity of La Palma with foreign countries fell by 16.8% last summer, a drop that is expected to increase in winter to 21.8%. However, connections with the peninsula increased by 103% this summer and a 37.4% rise is expected in the coming weeks.