05.03.2024 | 05:01

Meninas Madrid Gallery, the largest outdoor exhibition in the world

30 November, 2022

This year, the fifth edition of the Meninas Madrid Gallery is celebrated, a unique exhibition, whereby Velázquez’s iconic painting Las Meninas is reinvented by different artists and takes to the streets, dressing up the Spanish capital to integrate with all the citizens and visitors in the largest outdoor exhibition in the world.

The street museum, promoted by the Madrid City Council and the Textile and Accessories Trade Business Association, will take over the main streets of the city until 15th December. Since the Meninas Madrid Gallery began its journey, more than 250 Meninas have been seen on the streets making art part of the city’s daily life.

This unique urban collective exhibition stands out, among other reasons, for involving a cast of creators ranging from visual artists to musicians, bullfighters, actors and fashion designers. They have all given each menina their particular interpretation of Madrid. Tourists will enjoy discovering each of these visions.