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Who’ll be the most sustainable chef in Spain?

21 December, 2022

At the Madrid Fusion Alimentos de España global gastronomy congress, which will be held in Madrid between 23-25 January 2023, the identity of the most sustainable chef in Spain will be revealed. The three finalists in this contest are: Borja Marrero, of Muxgo (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Samuel Naveira, of Muna (Ponferrada, Castilla y León), and Javier Marañón, of La Torre Galizano (Galizano, Cantabria).

The jury which chose them is made up of chefs with three Michelin stars and a Green Star (Jesús Sánchez, Cenador de Amós; and the Hermanos Torres, from the restaurant of the same name in Barcelona), as well as renowned biologists and certification specialists. The third edition of this award will mean a step forward in the introduction of sustainability in Spanish haute cuisine.

It should be noted that all registered chefs had to prove their level of business and personal involvement in favour of sustainability from their restaurants. Of all those registered, six made it to the jury’s table, which took a whole morning to select the three final candidates.