16.04.2024 | 21:53

Spain, total tourist satisfaction

1 February, 2023

97% of the travellers surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with their trip and 75% of international tourists who visited Spain this summer expressed their satisfaction with the destination’s commitment to sustainability. This is reflected in the 2022 non-resident traveller satisfaction survey carried out by the Tourism Institute of Spain (Turespaña).

This is an annual survey (in three waves) to discover the determining factors of visitor satisfaction with the destination and its different dimensions. The survey analyses tourist satisfaction as regards accommodation, catering, leisure offer, environment, transport, infrastructure, and, brand new, the destination’s commitment to sustainability.

The study also shows that over half (58%) intend to return in the following 12 months. The leisure offer is the element which arouses the highest level of satisfaction (94% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied); followed by infrastructures such as airports, roads and seafront promenades, transport at the destination – underground, taxi, bus, train, boat and plane – and catering (with 93% satisfaction, respectively).

The surroundings of the destinations they visit and that includes safety, cleanliness, green areas, landscape or access for people with disabilities satisfied 92% of respondents, while accommodation convinced nine out of ten tourists.