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Where can you eat the best Madrid stews?

8 February, 2023

The Madrid Fusión gastronomy congress has welcomed the tribute to what is one of the dishes which are part of the gastro identity of the Spanish capital, Madrid stew ('cocido madrileño'). During the event, the importance of preserving this iconic dish was highlighted, a humble recipe which is present in the homes of all Madrilenians and in some of the best restaurants in the city.

With centuries of history, the cocido madrileño is a dish full of flavour and tradition which is essential to taste for an authentic gastro immersion in Madrid. A recipe which has stood the test of time, maintaining its rite of the 'three stages and which is a symbol of the essence and quality of Madrid's gastronomy.

What are the best restaurants where you can eat an authentic Madrid stew? Well, without any doubt, the following are included: Taberna de la Daniela, La Cocina de Frente, Cruz Blanca de Vallecas, Malacatín, La Bola, Casa Ciriaco, Ponzano, Taberna Pedraza and De la Riva.