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The new Iryo operator will manage four other railway routes

22 February, 2023

The new Spanish high speed train operator Iryo has been authorised by the authorities to offer a service on four new routes. In fact, it will link Madrid-Cuenca, Madrid-Albacete, Albacete-Cuenca and Barcelona-Camp de Tarragona. These are all considered medium distance services.

Iryo started its operation last November and is still deploying its services. From 31 March it will launch lines with Seville, Malaga, Antequera and Córdoba and, on 2 June, it will arrive in Alicante and Albacete. It should be noted that Iryo has established agreements with other transport companies to offer tickets which allow intermodality.

Likewise, the company has designed four classes in its trains: Frecciarossa -Infinita, Singular Only You, Singular and Inicial-, three of which are focused on business travel. All have individual armrests equipped with USB and standard plugs and free WiFi access, with the possibility of 5G connection.