16.04.2024 | 22:24

VIVA reduces its hotels’ CO2 emissions

8 March, 2023

The Hotels VIVA hotel chain managed to save 150 tonnes of Co2 generated in its establishments throughout 2022, thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels carried out in recent years. So solar energy accounted for, on average, 7% of the total consumption of the company's hotels last year.

After this first phase of implementation, the hotel company continues to advance and rely on the greatest possible use of renewable energy, both through self-consumption and with the implementation of other environmentally friendly solutions. The chain plans to install, between 2023 and 2024, more solar panels which will allow it to increase the solar power and generate up to over 240 solar megawatts.

In this sense, Hotels VIVA wants its global consumption as a company in 2024 to be the same as that currently generated for only one of its seven hotels. Here, the Spanish Government intends to use these facilities as an example and encourage large consumers to carry out similar projects, taking advantage of the public call for aid to promote renewable energy, efficiency and electric mobility.