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3 must-see locations: Sagrada Familia, Retiro, Güell

3 May, 2023

Three of the most visited monuments in Europe are in Spain, two in Barcelona and one in Madrid. These are places blessed with a magical beauty and attraction, a must-see for international tourists as well as a cultural reference worldwide.

The most requested by travellers is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, a religious building designed by the famous modernist architect Antonio Gaudí. The play of colours and lights in its stained-glass windows, the 'forest' of columns inside and the fantastic views it offers from its towers stand out. Also in this city is the Gaudí Park, the work of the same genius.

© Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz

Another of the most visited monumental areas in Spain (and Europe) is Madrid’s Parque de El Retiro which in over 164,000 hectares houses spectacular gardens like the French Parterre and the Rosaleda and sculptures and works of architectural interest e.g. the monument to Alfonso XII, statue of the Fallen Angel or Fuente de los Galápagos.