23.05.2024 | 15:13

2022, a historic year for trade fairs in Madrid despite COVID-19

17 May, 2023

IFEMA Madrid has presented its economic results and activity during 2022. An exceptional financial year which, despite its complexity, has represented the best in its history, thanks to the boost and restoration of its activity, meaning it closed the year with a total turnover of 187.7 million euros, the highest ever achieved, an EBITDA of 20.4 million.

IFEMA Madrid was the only international organisation which chose to maintain its full trade fair calendar despite the strong rebound of the Omicron variant in early 2022 as opposed to other fairs in Europe and worldwide whose activity remained paralysed until the second or third quarter of the year. This was the decisive factor in achieving such an exceptional result.

The organisational effort to recover the trade fair calendar has resulted in 105 fairs and congresses, 28 of which were also held in digital format through the LIVE Connect platform; nearly 400 events and conventions and 21 leisure events and music festivals. An activity which has attracted 21,360 companies and 3.7 million visitors.