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There are 200 hotels in Mallorca specialised in bike touring

17 May, 2023

In Mallorca, it is estimated that some 200 hotels are currently prepared to accommodate cyclists, as they have adequate facilities to store bicycles, as well as material and trained personnel for their maintenance and repair, and even have areas dedicated exclusively to this profile of travellers who usually arrive on the island, especially outside the high season.

The presence of cyclists is equally perceptible both in the large coastal accommodations and in the Mallorca inland offer, which is more exclusive and which increases as there are more and more establishments dedicated to this type of visitor, some of them with high-power purchasing. Different cafés and shops dedicated to cycling have also sprung up in the centre of Palma, again a draw for this type of tourist.

On average, cyclists who come to Mallorca to enjoy their hobby book one week’s accommodation, mainly half-board, generating a cost of over 500 euros, to which must be added other items for extras (cafeterias, shops...), transport or transfers. Therefore it is considered a very interesting profile.