23.05.2024 | 14:26
Jean-François Cases, is president of EONA-X

DATES: the new tourism European data space of EONA-X

It is an “ecosystem” dedicated to mobility and aimed at improving the traveller’s experience 24 May, 2023

“The European Tourism Data Space: Positioning the European tourism industry” is an event to analyse the project known as DATES that will be held on 8 June with the aim of disseminating the European data strategy. Jean-François Cases is one of the speakers, in this video interview he reveals one of the new data spaces: EONA-X.

Cases is VP of Intangibles, Data Value and R&D at Amadeus, a company which has promoted EONA-X, an “ecosystem” of mobility data applied to tourism that seeks to improve the traveller experience, in which the following participate: Amadeus, Air France/KLM, Marseille-Provence Airport, Paris Airports Group (ADP Group), Renault Group, SNCF Group (rail transport), Apidae, Eccocar and AnySolution.

The aim of the European data strategy is to create an authentic unique market of data. Thus driving growth and creating value, while minimising the human carbon and environmental footprint.

The event “The European tourism data space: positioning the European tourism industry” will be held online and organised by Hosteltur in collaboration with AnySolution.