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Spanish hotels have been applying the circular economy for 10 years

1 November, 2023

Sustainability is taken very seriously in Spain, with more and more tourism companies getting involved in specific actions or well-defined strategies to participate in what is considered a key aspect of this activity in the future. However, there are companies that have actually been tackling the issue for many years, even a decade, which is a long time in this field.

This is the case of Protur Hotels and THB Hotels, two chains of Mallorcan origin which, in a recent conference on tourism circularity, showed that they began to adopt the path of sustainability around 2013. At the beginning with individual measures aimed at intervening in specific issues, such as renewable energies, but over time they developed a strategy that they will not abandon.

So THB is working intensively to train its employees in sustainability and circularity, while strengthening ties with its suppliers to advance zero-kilometre products and services. The latter is an aspect that also interests and concerns Protur, which considers that there is still a long way to go and is willing to do so in the short term.