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A unique opportunity to discover authentic tapas in Cádiz

1 November, 2023

The Cádiz City Council has launched the Cádiz Autumn Gastronomic Route-XXII Cádiz Tapas Route until 5 November. This year 29 establishments are taking part and it is dedicated to Leon Griffioen, Cádiz’s first Michelin star, who has been presented with a plaque in recognition of his work.

The main new feature of the event is the change of date from May-June to October-November, with the main aim of making tourism in Cádiz less seasonal and offering locals and visitors alike a new attraction in the autumn months.

Fried fish is one of the great attractions of Cadiz’s gastronomy, so this is a unique opportunity to get to know what this Andalusian city’s hotel and catering industry has to offer. The participating establishments have been asked to prepare a healthy dish that serves as an example that eating well and healthy is not incompatible with the best taste.