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What is the favourite souvenir of tourists travelling to Spain?

8 November, 2023

Tourists usually buy objects in the destination where they enjoy their holidays, sometimes as a souvenir to place in a prominent place in their home to remind them of the pleasant days they spent during their trip, and other times as a present for family and friends, so that they know that they remembered them even in a moment of disconnection.

The nature of souvenirs tends to be very varied, and there are a multitude of objects manufactured specifically for this purpose. But in every destination there is usually at least one local product that becomes the emblem of the souvenirs to be exported in the trickle of tourist visits. It must be something that connects directly with the place, pleasant and easy to transport.

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In the case of Spain, the most popular souvenir is olive oil, according to the travel experts at Iglu Cruise. Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oil, producing more than half of the world’s olive oil, approximately 850,000 tonnes a year. It is therefore a quality product that is highly prized in other countries.