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The 10 most beautiful cemeteries in Spain according to National Geographic

22 November, 2023

Necrotourism is gaining popularity among travellers and more and more tours and itineraries include cemeteries, due to their aesthetic value and the artistic quality of the burials. National Geographic has identified the most beautiful graveyards in Spain.

© Turismo de Coruña

Within the European Cemetery Route, there are 22 Spanish cemeteries, valued for being authentic open-air museums, thanks to their works, sculptures and engravings. Here is a selection of the 10 considered the most beautiful and which most worth a visit:

  1. Cemetery of San Amaro, A Coruña.

  2. Cemetery of San Froilán, Lugo.

  3. Municipal Cemetery of la Carriona, Avilés.

  4. Cemetery of Ciriego, Cantabria.

  5. Municipal Cemetery of Bilbao.

  6. Cemetery of Polloe, San Sebastián.

  7. Cemetery of Lloret de Mar, Girona.

  8. Cemetery of Arenys de Mar.

  9. Cemetery of los Capuchinos, Mataró.

  10. Cemetery of Poble Nou, Barcelona.