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10 restaurants in Barcelona make “tapas” with the best cheese in the world

13 December, 2023

A group of ten of the best restaurants in Barcelona have launched a gastronomic route called ‘10BarcelonaExperiences by Le Gruyère AOP’. Gastronomic tourists will be able to visit the establishments, tasting dishes in which Le Gruyère AOP, considered the best in the World Cheese Awards 2022, will be present in its own style.

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10BarcelonaExperiences by Le Gruyère AOP

  1. Xemei: cheese brioche with tardivo radicchio.

  2. Casa de Tapas Cañota: cheese mochi balls and truffled Gruyère AOP.

  3. Nectari: risotto with chestnut oyster cheese.

  4. Maleducat: shoulder of lamb 'xisqueta' with cream cheese, chanterelles, tomato confit, mató and basil

  5. Mediamanga: cheese tartlet, matured picanha, potato and dill.

  6. Mirch : lamb sandwich with cheese and spices.

  7. Dos Pebrots: Etruscan pasta and cheese.

  8. Tapas 24: pastrami brioche, cheese, gherkin and mustard.

  9. Teòric Taverna: cardinal macaroni and cheese.

  10. Ca la Nuri: rice with chicken, mushrooms, pumpkin and cheese.