15.06.2024 | 15:05

Marina d’Or changes its name and themes its hotels

31 January, 2024

The tourist complex in Oropesa del Mar (Castellón), known until now as Marina d’Or, is taking another step forward in the new phase that began last year when it was acquired by Grupo Fuertes and Magic Costa Blanca: it is changing its name to Magic World.

Also, the expansion and renovation work currently underway at the resort includes the theming of three hotels. The new owners of the resort, which is already accepting pre-bookings and is expected to open in June, aim to position Magic World as a benchmark among European holiday resorts.

Among the main novelties of the project, in which 40 million euros will be invested, are three large themed hotels:

• Magic Sports Hotel, previously Grand Duque

• Magic Games Hotel, the old Marina d´Or Playa

• Magic Fantasy Hotel, to date Marina d´Or 3*