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The 5 oldest taverns in Spain, in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville

7 February, 2024

Taverns form an inseparable part of the history of good food and drink, and are also an essential visit in the case of Spain. Their charm lies in a bar where you can lean back and enjoy their trademark tapas. The prestigious Spanish newspaper El País has compiled five of the oldest, although most have evolved over the years, adapting to the times and modernising their appearance.

The food and drink offering has also changed, as the stews, vermouths and casseroles of today are different to those of days gone by. However, their beauty lies in this subtle evolution, still a nod to the past. The five taverns mentioned here are authentic temples of leisure with centuries of history. Two are in Madrid, the two oldest in Seville and another in Barcelona.

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5 Spanish historical tavernas

  1. Las Escobas. Seville. Opened in 1386

  2. El Rinconcillo. Seville. 1670

  3. Taberna de Antonio Sánchez. Madrid. 1787

  4. Bar Marsella. Barcelona. 1820

  5. Casa Alberto. Madrid 1827