22.05.2024 | 04:18

Valencia and San Sebastián improve tourist visits to the city

24 April, 2024

Valencia City Council and the Association of Official Tourist Guides of the Region of Valencia have signed a Decalogue of Good Practices that will limit tourist groups to 25 people throughout the city and 20 in Ciutat Vella (old town), one of the most visited areas.

“This decalogue comes from public-private collaboration, the joint work of official guides and the Valencia City Council, because we all have the same objective: to improve tourism management for the benefit of visitors and citizens,” explained the councillor for Tourism, Innovation and Investment Attraction, Paula Llobet.

In addition, a similar measure has been adopted in San Sebastian (Basque Country). Organised groups of tourists may also not exceed 25 people, according to a new municipal regulation. The regulation aims to “promote a more orderly flow of visitors in the busiest areas of the city”, according to the city council, which a few months ago also banned the use of loudspeakers on guided tours.