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6 recommended nature destinations in Spain for ecotourists

12 June, 2024

This summer, nature lovers have the chance to discover destinations where ecotourism can be practised. Here is a selection of six that you can visit in Spain and at the same time carry out activities of all kinds designed to conserve and protect the environment, according to the Spanish Ecotourism Association. A very sustainable pattern that is attracting more and more consumers.

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6 nature destinations to discover in Spain

  1. Garonay National Park, La Gomera: It offers a unique ancient forest and over 600 km of trails. Activities include foraging for medicinal plants, boat trips, whale watching and exploring the laurel forest.

  2. Geopark of Las Loras, Burgos and Palencia: This geopark north of Burgos and Palencia is home to the largest concentration of Romanesque buildings in the Iberian Peninsula. Here you can go on interpretative hiking routes, sailboat rides and watch wolves in their natural habitat.

  3. Mariñas Coruñesas Biosphere Reserve, Galicia: This destination offers a unique experience with over 20 activities, from boat trips and sea safaris to guided environmental tours and visits to Galician culinary art laboratories.

  4. Redes Natural Park, Asturias: In Redes, nature is at its purest, with green forests and crystal-clear waters. Activities include ethnographic hiking trails, beekeeping experiences and discovering local culture and traditions.

  5. Sobrarbe-Pyrenees Geopark, Aragon: In the heart of the Pyrenees, this geopark combines spectacular landscapes with a rich natural and cultural heritage. Activities range from caving and hiking to bird watching and kayaking.

  6. Nature Park Sierra of Aracena and Picos of Aroche, Huelva: offers activities such as routes to discover the secrets of Jabugo ham and artisan cheese-making workshops, offering a complete immersion in the local culture.