13.07.2024 | 09:03

The Spanish city that will soon have flying taxis

10 July, 2024

The development of urban aerial mobility in so-called flying taxis - autonomous flying electric vehicles with vertical take-off and landing - is getting closer and closer to reality. Projects have recently been reported in Dubai and Paris, in the latter case during the 2024 Summer Olympics, but passenger drones have not yet been sighted.

In Spain, the innovative air transport for short distances within an urban centre is very close to entering the market, and will do so on the Costa del Sol, in the city of Malaga, although other projects have already been announced.

At the end of June, Crisalion Mobility, a Spanish firm specialising in the design and development of advanced electric mobility solutions, and iJet Aviation, a company focused on integrated aircraft management, signed an agreement to develop air mobility in the province of Malaga, in an official ceremony held at the Aeronautical Museum of the Andalusian city.