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How to find good hotel restaurants in Spain online

30 March, 2022

Most tourists think that hotel restaurants are only available to guests staying in hotels. This is not true, and in fact, many establishments offer a gastronomy that is worth discovering for any visitor who enjoys gastronomic tourism.

To make progress on this issue, the important thing is to publicise the availability of these restaurants in hotels, as well as the type of menu they offer and other features which may interest the customer. And that is exactly what the app called Eat Inn does. It has been created to give them visibility and to avoid empty tables that could be full if potential customers only knew about them.

Therefore, this is a tool that shows all the available dining rooms and restaurants to anyone not staying at the hotel. It’s an "advantageous, quick and simple option, which is unbeatable thanks to its quality-variety-price ratio. This way we turn what would be a cost into a profit", says Blanca Paloma Bartolomé, founder and CEO of Eat Inn.