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Spain offers culture and personalisation for the new ‘silver tourism’

2 March, 2022

‘Silver tourism’, tourism for the over-50s, is becoming an increasingly attractive and differentiated form of tourism for the sector. And Spain is emerging as the perfect destination to meet these visitors’ demands, who are looking for a much more personalised offer and are eager to get to know cultures in depth.

Studies have shown that silver tourists are looking for experiences in the destinations they visit and that they prioritise wellbeing and sustainability in their trips. Given the quality and variety of tourist experiences Spain has developed over the years, the country is full of holiday destinations perfect for the sector.

Silver tourists are interested in nature, and this includes agritourism, ecotourism, wildlife tourism and adventure tourism. They also care about health and wellbeing and may opt for health centres and spas. And if they're looking for culture, top picks include enotourism, museums and monuments.

The tourist industry and the authorities know how much Spain has to offer in this area. And they’re both working hard to attract this tourist profile that’s growing in number every year, in line with an ageing European population that’s increasingly made up of over 50s still perfectly able to travel and enjoy life.