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What does the British tourist expect from Spanish hotels in 2022?

2 March, 2022

The travel restrictions and regulations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years changed the way Britons travel. Now, uncertainty and mistrust are giving way to a recovery of wanderlust and new hope.

  • Stays: Although they're travelling less frequently, British tourists are now demanding much longer stays in hotels across major Spanish destinations. This is what current booking trends point towards. Fewer trips, but longer, and in establishments that provide safety and reassurance.
  • Sustainability: This is the biggest trend of the moment and a demand more and more British tourists are making when they travel. What the customer wants is for hotels to implement measures that respect both the environment and the local surroundings, with areas safeguarded from environmental degradation. In Spain, they're being listened to. The industry is comprehensively adapting the way it works, carrying out pioneering work in certain fields.
  • MICE: This form of tourism, which has been severely affected since restrictions were first put into place to cope with the pandemic, is making a comeback. Spain is both a forerunner and leader in this area thanks to its extensive hotel infrastructure.
  • Remote working: The return to normality is conditioned by a new way of doing business: the pandemic forced many companies to shift to remote working. Because of this, hotels and tourist establishments must adapt and be prepared to offer business tourists a suitable working environment that meets current demands: quality Wi-Fi connections, coworking areas, rest areas, etc.
  • Lowluxury: This luxury segment has recovered to pre-pandemic levels in Spanish hotels thanks to tourists looking for a more comfortable and exclusive travel experience, one that differentiates them from standard-package customers. Although, of course, all at a price that the average tourist can afford.