22.05.2024 | 04:29

The first air taxis of Spain will fly in the Balearic islands

31 May, 2023

The first air taxis in Spain will start flying in June in the Balearic Islands thanks to the digital booking platform NextNorth, which already presented electric vehicles at the Qatar 2022 Football World Cup. Now it is preparing to introduce its air mobility solutions for passengers on the islands at the start of the high tourist season.

The company has stated that it seeks to become “one of the leading companies in the new last-mile aviation.” To this end, it will offer the public means of transport that will allow “savings of up to 80% of time on both intra-island and inter-island flights”, according to the company, which in its first year of activity will use helicopters.

NextNorth's objective is to offer “better accessibility” to aviation and to prepare for the adoption of innovative eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft, which take off and land vertically and use clean energy. In this regard, the brand has stated that this is a more sustainable transport alternative to traditional forms.