16.04.2024 | 21:16

Tenerife will be the world capital of tourism for three days in June

20 March, 2024

The island of Tenerife will become the world capital of the tourism sector from 19 to 21 June as the venue for the three-day Global Summit Tourism: The State of the Art, the world's largest gathering of global industry knowledge from the debate of professionals, institutions, entrepreneurs and academics.

Sponsored by the World Tourism Organisation (WTO), the forum, which has not been held for twenty years, will bring together national and international experts from different fields to discuss the present and the challenges to be faced in the coming years.

This is the most important event held on the island for the tourism industry, as Tenerife will lead the sector as a pole of scientific knowledge. Important personalities from the world of academia and WTO affiliate members will be present at a forum that will mark a before and after for the island's projection.